Our Alumni

The Academy has produced a talented pool of graduates who are currently taking on world challenges in diverse fields, in just a few years of its existence. Our Alumni are well placed. We have a good percentage who have gone into Industry, few employed with the Government and some who have joined as Faculty in reputed Indian Institutes. Few have joined as Faculty in the different IITs, some have joined for their Postdoctoral research in highly regarded Universities, and some have turned Entrepreneurs.

Pratham Arora

Faculty, IIT Roorkee

Thesis Title: Techno-enviro-economic evaluations of biomass gasification for the production of ammonia from synthesis gas utilizing multi-scale modeling

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Vignesh Kuduva Radhakrishnan

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Thesis Title: Synthetic and Computational Approach on novel Transitional metal and 3d-4f Molecular Magnetic Materials.

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Hussain Bhukya

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Monash University

Thesis Title:  Investigation of quorum sensing molecules in the regulation of antibiotic production in Streptomyces coelicolor.

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Naresh Alaal

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Missouri

Thesis Title: Electronic and Optical Properties of Silicon Carbide and Boron-Nitrogen-Carbon Nanoribbons: A First-Principles Study

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Prasoon Kumar

Faculty, NIT Rourkela (Co-founder, Iota Design & Innovations Lab Pvt Ltd)

Thesis Title:  Scalable fabrication of bio-inspired, 3D micro/nanofluidic devices  

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Chetana Gavankar

Faculty, BITS Pilani

Thesis Title: Ontology Population and Concept Search across Ontologies: Challenges and Methodologies

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Karan Thanawala

Technical Sales Specialist, Chemwatch, Melbourne

Thesis Title: Development of Self-Healing Coatings

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Sushrut Bhanushali

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Monash University

Thesis Title: Thermo-physical properties and applications of copper nanomaterials with discrete morphologies.

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Subhadeep Das

Founder & CEO, Convalesce Inc.

Thesis Title: Engineering Amyloid Fibrils for Nanotechnology and Neuronal Cell Regeneration

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Ajay Nair

Research Scientist, Columbia University, New York

Thesis Title: Incorporating and Generating Prior Knowledge to Improve Gene Regulatory Network Inference

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