Vision and Objectives


The IITB-Monash Research Academy will be a unique global research partnership that delivers innovative solutions through collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects in thematic areas of strategic importance to industry and to Australian and Indian society.


Outcomes: To provide significant and innovative research outcomes for business and government and create a bank of innovative technology through the output of multi-disciplinary research.


To carry out research in areas of critical interest to global enterprises, especially those located in Australia and India, through the creation of research teams containing high calibre research staff and high quality doctoral students.


To become the leading provider of contract research services and collaborative research in the Asia-Pacific region and on the global stage through the establishment of a cogent research program that is supported by high quality infrastructure.

Strategies to Achieve the Vision

  • Engage strongly with enterprises in India, Australia and eventually, the world.
  • Define thematic goals, in collaboration with industry and academia and conduct innovative research programs and projects that address the research thematic goals.
  • Engage in use-inspired projects that address “grand challenges” in a multi-disciplinary setting.
  • Attract the very best talented staff and doctoral students to carry out innovative research projects.
  • Ensure strong collaboration between pre-eminent researchers at IIT Bombay and Monash University. Build world-class research infrastructure
  • Ensure global connectivity.
  • Ensure that The Academy grows to a size of 200-300 PhD students and 30 Post Docs.