Becoming A Research Supervisor

Intake/Program Information for interested faculty at IITB and Monash University

Program Information

Please download the attached information flyer that provides a high level overview of the program

General Intake Information

The Academy runs 2 intakes per year, Feb-May and July- November. The following is some highlights of the year:

  • Collaboration either initiated by project specifier or initiated by The Academy office
  • Students (mostly from India) recruited twice a year in 2 intakes: May and Nov
  • Project Specification in Feb-Mar (for May) and Jul-Aug (for November)
  • Projects initiate the collaboration and must be specified before students commence
  • Projects need at least one supervisor from Monash and from IITB
  • Projects specify proposal, brief research aim, and capabilities required of potential student
  • Students apply to projects
  • Supervisors select students for their projects after an online application filtering and interviewing process
  • Supervisors who know who they wish to collaborate with can write or call direct. If not
  • A diagram of the intake process is presented here

How to put up a project?

A researcher from either IITB or Monash can collaborate in a number of ways. If you have a research idea but no collaborator then The Academy office can help connect you with appropriate researchers in either institution. Alternately, if you do not have a research idea as yet then simply send through your research interests and The Academy can help facilitate a match at either institution.

Also once you have a project:

  • advertise the projects on your websites
  • get your collaborators to advertise it on their websites
  • have a Video Conference workshop with collaborators from IITB to get a greater sense of expectations and common interests
  • float more projects
  • eventually get a delegation to visit so as to intensify collaborations

Project Proposal Template

Please use the attached project template to specify your research problem. The key aspects of the template include:

  • Project topic and outline
  • Capability statements required of students.
  • Selection of keywords and clusters that best describes the project (see below)
  • Proposed budget for the project to be submitted for approval

Project Template

Research Clusters

The Academy has created some clusters to better describe submitted research projects. This will aid in a more streamlined student recruitment process and other benefits for categorising the research that is undertaken at The Academy.

  • Material Science/Engineering (including Nano, Metallurgy)
  • Energy, Green Chem, Chemistry, Catalysis, Reaction Eng
  • Math, CFD, modelling, Manufacturing
  • CSE, IT, optimization, Data, Sensors, Systems, Signal Processing, Control
  • Earth Sciences and Civil Engineering (Geo, Water, Climate)
  • Bio, Stem Cells, Bio Chem, Pharma, Food
  • Semi-Conductors, Optics, Photonics, Networks, Telecomm, Power Eng
  • Design, HSS

Research Keywords

The Academy has developed a set of keywords that correspond with its research clusters. Applying keywords to projects provide further detail of the research being conducted at The Academy.