Our Alumni

The Academy has produced a talented pool of graduates who are currently taking on world challenges in diverse fields, in just a few years of its existence. Our Alumni are well placed. We have a good percentage who have gone into Industry, few employed with the Government and some who have joined as Faculty in reputed Indian Institutes. Few have joined as Faculty in the different IITs, some have joined for their Postdoctoral research in highly regarded Universities, and some have turned Entrepreneurs.

Sourav Sengupta

Postdoctoral Researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Thesis Title: A Study of Service Triads

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Manohar Chinnareddy Venkateswarlu

Director, Godi Energy, Hyderabad

Thesis Title: Electrolyte development based on ionic liquids for Eco-friendly Sodium ion battery.

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Uttam Dutta

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Freiburg

Thesis Title: Development of Highly Regioselective Functionalizations of Arenes, Heteroarenes and Alkynes

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Poorwa Gore

Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Thesis Title: Effect of anodically induced surface modification on the existence of the negative difference effect and ‘cathodic activation’ on magnesium

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Sarang Kulkarni

Operations Research Lead, Delhivery, Bengaluru

Thesis Title: A new formulation and heuristics for some vehicle scheduling problems on a time-space network.  

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Sivakumar Ganesan

Thesis Title: Inkjet printing of transport layers and photoactive layer for bulk heterojunction organic solar cell

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Abhishek Sharma

Thesis Title: Computational Analysis of Nanoporous Materials for Gas Adsorption and Separation Applications

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Amarender Nagilla

Simons-NCBS Career development fellow , IISc Bangalore

Thesis Title: Modelling and simulations of active fluid interfaces

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Harini Swaminathan

Director of Research, Trendency, Washington

Thesis Title: Human Development and Malnutrition: The Case of India

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Anup Kundu

Faculty, CV Raman Global University, Orissa

Thesis Title: Computational Study of Interaction of an Elastic Plate with Laminar Flow Involving Large-scale Flow-induced Deformation

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