Our Alumni

The Academy has produced a talented pool of graduates who are currently taking on world challenges in diverse fields, in just a few years of its existence. Our Alumni are well placed. We have a good percentage who have gone into Industry, few employed with the Government and some who have joined as Faculty in reputed Indian Institutes. Few have joined as Faculty in the different IITs, some have joined for their Postdoctoral research in highly regarded Universities, and some have turned Entrepreneurs.

Abhishek Tripathi

Faculty, MNIT Jaipur

Thesis Title: Friction Stir Processing of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

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Prashant Agrawal

Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University

Thesis Title: Microparticle manipulation through low frequency capillary wave excitations

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Balakrishna Ananthoju

Senior Research Scientist, Prognomics Ltd, UK

Thesis Title: Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanoparticulate Thin Films and Their Solar Cell Characteristics.

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Saurabh Nene

Faculty, IIT Jodhpur

Thesis Title: Development of ultralight and ultrafine grained Mg-Li-Ca alloy by compositional optimisation and severe plastic deformation

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Saumya Nigam

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Michigan State University

Thesis Title: Dendrimer functionalized magnetic nanoparticles as promising platforms for cancer theranostics.

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Narayanan Srinivasan

Faculty, VIT Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Thesis Title: Plastic Deformation and Corrosion in Austenitic Stainless Steel

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Jampa Surendra Sasi Kumar

Faculty, PDEU, Gujarat

Thesis Title: Polymeric and Mixed Matrix Membranes for Gas Separation

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Ishan Sharma

Consultant Engineer, Process Systems Enterprise

Thesis Title: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization of a Complex Steady-State Process Flowsheet – The ‘Surrogate-Assisted’ Approach

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Sherly M A

Faculty, TERI chool of Advanced Studies, New Delhi

Thesis Title: Urban Flood Risk Mapping of a Coastal Megacity—An Application to Mumbai, India

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Ramakrishna Balakrishna Bairi

Engineer, Microsoft Research Lab, Bengaluru

Thesis Title: Adaptive Organization of Digital Documents using Knowledge Graphs

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