Research Stories

Understanding pitting corrosion in aluminium and its alloys

We are often shocked when we read media reports about catastrophes like air crashes, shipwrecks, bridge collapses, or explosionof gas pipelines. Investigations invariably point ...

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Harnessing the Ion Bombardment process to create novel nanostructures

Cover picture courtesy: Ms. Nandini Bhosale, IDC

The rapidly evolving field of micro- and nano-fabrication is the meeting ground of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine...

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Automatic Q&A Generation from Text

Asking relevant and intelligent questions has always been an integral part of human learning, as it can help assess the learner’s understanding of a piece of text. However, co...

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Nanostructure fabrication inspired by sand dune ripples

What can nanotechnologists learn from ripples on sand dunes?

A lot, smiles Bhaveshkumar Kamaliya, a research scholar with the IITB-Monash Research Academy — who is con...

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Rediscovering colonial Bengal’s Muslim women writers

Muslim women writers in Bengali were reasonably prolific in colonial Bengal. However, contemporary readers of Bengali literature are unaware of their work in both fiction and no...

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