Research Stories

Using salt to manipulate algae

Figure 1. “There is too much salt in the soup!”
Algae being cultured in different salinity conditions at lab scale.


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Heterocycle synthesis leads to better drugs

The life of a drug goes through many trials and several critical stages during its journey from the laboratory to the human body. One such important stage is het...

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Building control laws for multi-agent systems

Imagine you are driving to work. You know that at a constant speed of 50 kmph along the pre-determined path, it will take an hour to reach office. On the way, yo...

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Strengthening the supply chain for perishable products

For a business to succeed, its supply chain management system must work with a high degree of efficiency. More so when the products it deals in are perishable ...

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Converting microalgae into fuel

In most parts of the world, the food vs fuel debate and low yield per unit resource consumption have put a lid on every att...

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