Research Stories

Making batteries stronger and more durable

The current lithium-ion batteries in our cell phones or laptops can sustain for four to five hours after a full charge (assuming continuous use of the device). On the other hand...

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Measuring soil moisture using P-band radiometry

Have you ever wondered why the possibility of life on any other planet is bleak? It is because our beautiful Earth has rich soil with liquid water which makes life possible.


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Precision agriculture-the future of farming

Can you describe — in five words or less — how your research work will help people like me, I prod Rahul hesitantly.

“More crop per drop!” he grins without batti...

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Extracting hidden riches from pineapple waste

India is a significant producer of fruit-based products. However, a huge quantity of the raw material as well as the produce ends up getting wasted.

Take pineapples for ...

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Understanding chromatin folding through computer simulations

Imagine how difficult it is to fold a 20km long rope into a tennis ball. And, even if you succeed, imagine you are asked to locate a specific section of the rope in the ball whi...

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