Research Stories

Service firms and their supply chains

We’re familiar with supply chains for products, but what about services?

Should supply chains for the latter be responsive or efficient?

Does the fit between t...

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Designing and developing a self-piloted airship

A rendered image of an airship under development

Airships, which are typically aircraft that float because they are inflated with gas lighter than air, ...

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Making mobile data downloads swifter

Figure 1. Caching of content at the edge (Base stations, Access points, etc.) of a heterogeneous cellular network

We’re hoping that Lalhruai...

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Preventing flood hazards from becoming horrific disasters

Figure 1. Bridges were ravaged by the raging river, as the Chaurabari glacial lake burst on the June 16, 2013. If an efficient flood forecasting system had existed, the fataliti...

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Detecting gas leaks using 2D sensors

Figure 1. If gas leaks are not contained in time, they can have lethal effects

Gases are generally colourless and odourless, making it extreme...

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