Research Stories

Bang, boom, crrrassssh! The science of collisions

If you collide into Dhairya Vyas, he will apologise, break into a smile, and then give you a lecture on why collisions are important!

“From a cricket pitch where a bat...

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Future looks bright for organic solar cells

The growing demand for energy along with its limited supply from fossil fuels, is a global concern. This has led to a tremendous increase in research in various energy disciplin...

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A continuous way to improve chemical manufacturing!

I first walked into a chemistry laboratory in Grade 8, and instantly fell in love with the Round Bottom Flask (RBF) and the varied smells, colours, and textures emerging from it...

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Using mathematics to weed out pesky tumours

The first stage of a typical tumour’s growth is called the avascular stage. At this point it possesses no blood vessels, and absorbs the nutrients needed for its growth from t...

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Visualization for communication

“Will it rain today?”
“How long do I have to wait for my bus?”
“Is the road from the bus stop to my home well lit?”

We are increasingly exposed to ...

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