Research Stories

Making inkjet-printed organic electronic devices more efficient

Inkjet printing technology has been used in graphic arts since the 1970s to print barcodes, documents, banners and brochures. Of late, it is also being used to p...

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Teaching robots to avoid moving obstacles

With self-driving cars being tested on the streets, automated machines in factories, indoor robots in offices, and autonomous systems to help persons with disabi...

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Making tunnels earthquake-proof

For a long time, it was assumed that tunnels did not need seismic design inputs as underground structures are less vulnerable to earthquakes than surface structu...

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Detecting corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete structures with ultrasonic guided waves

Most of our buildings are made of reinforced concrete. It is important to monitor the health of these structures periodically.

Yet, ever...

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Creating soil from steel slag

Our forest cover is depleting with every passing day due to urbanisation and rapid industrial growth.

To rebuild it, we need lots of fert...

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