Student Details

Debanita Das

Link to student’s project: IMURA0839

Debanita Das pursued her Master's in Green Energy Technology from Pondicherry University and graduated as a gold medalist. During her post-graduation, she developed her interest in nanotechnology and its broad range of applications. She studied the impact of doping and co-doping on the performance of titanium dioxide-based electrochemical devices, under the guidance of Prof. Ravindran Prasanth. She has completed her bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Tezpur University. During her bachelor's, she along with her group designed some controllers and anti-controllers to suppress and induce chaos respectively in some biological diseased models. She worked under the guidance of Prof. Manashita Borah. Her paper was published in Chaos, Solitons, & Fractals which was an extension of her thesis. With an ultimate aim to pursue her career in research, she has opted for her Ph.D. at IITB-Monash Research Academy. At the Academy, she is working on plasmonic using TMDs for sensing-based applications under Prof. Anshuman Kumar (IITB) and Prof. Alison Funston (Monash University). She is extremely interested in coding and has used C, Java, Python, and MATLAB for different projects. She enjoys dancing, painting, cooking, traveling, and reading during her leisure time.