Student Details

Sweta Rani

Link to student’s project: IMURA0740

Sweta Rani completed her B. Tech from Bengal College of Engineering and Technology (Durgapur), with a major in Electronics and Communication (ECE) in June, 2015. She worked as an Assistant System Engineer-Trainee in Tata Consultancy Services for six months but because of her keen interest in research, she opted for higher studies and completed her M. Tech in ECE from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad in May, 2018. Her Master’s thesis mainly focusses on the applications of nonlinear optics in supercontinuum generation. She has also suggested a novel method for supercontinuum generation using nanowire chalcogenide core photonic crystal fiber. She is quite interested in the field of photonics and will further carry her research work in IITB Monash Research Academy under the guidance of Prof. Shobha Shukla (IIT Bombay) and Prof. Boon Mian Teo (Monash Univeristy). Her project is titled “ Tunable photonic crystal by 4D patterning“, wherein she aims to find an efficient and cost-effective method for fabricating photonic crystals.