Student Details

Yashvardhan Verma

Link to student’s project: IMURA0758

Yash completed his five year Integrated M.Tech course in Geophysical Technology from IIT Roorkee in 2014. Since then, he has been working in Schlumberger for almost 4 years on various seismic data processing projects and software development. In the oil industry, he realized the impact of oil exploration and extraction on the environment, and wanted to work on mitigating its effects. So he quit his job to pursue PhD in IITB Monash Research Academy, and is working on induced seismicity in CO2 enhanced oil recovery, under the supervision of Prof. Vikram Vishal (IITB), Prof. T N Singh (IITB) and Prof. Ranjith Pathegama (Monash). When he is not in the lab trying to find ways to make CO2 enhanced oil recovery more viable, he enjoys playing sports such as tennis and table-tennis, and exploring the Western Ghats through trekking and motorcycling. Project Title - Investigation of induced seismicity in CO2 enhanced oil recovery