The Academy is the leading provider of collaborative research, contract and research services in the Asia-Pacific region and on the global stage. Through our cogent PhD research program, which is supported by high-quality infrastructure, we harness the talent of our students to produce solutions focused outcomes for industry, government and the communities we serve.

M S Unnikrishnan
Chief Executive Officer
IITB-Monash Research Academy

We at IIT Bombay are willing to walk miles for the cause of education and research. With the excellent faculty and infrastructure that Monash have, combined with their willingness to work together with us, our journey to Monash is a pleasant stroll!

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri
IIT Bombay

Over the last 10 years, Monash and IITB have proved to be excellent academic partners. We have built excellent faculty to faculty relationships, and we look forward to taking our partnership to a higher level by enhancing the scope of our engagements.

Prof. Margaret Gardner AC
President & Vice-Chancellor
Monash University

The IITB-Monash Research Academy is a unique platform and opportunity for young aspiring Indian scientists to innovate in an environment which is a perfect amalgamation of academic and industry research excellence.

Dr. Santanu Dasgupta
Senior Vice-President
Reliance Industries Limited

I have found the IITB-Monash program to be most rewarding. The collaborations that have occurred between IITB, Monash University and CSIRO will lead to valuable advances in the computational modelling of wear which will have significant impact in a multitude of industries. I consider myself very fortunate to supervise academy student Dhairya Vyas whose consistent resourcefulness, engagement and focus on this project has been inspiring.

Dr. Sharen Cummins
Senior Research Scientist
Data61, CSIRO Australia

I am happy to see the progress being made in Industry-Academia partnership in this institution with a unique cross-pollination of research ecosystem of India and Australia that covers all branches of engineering sciences and social sciences. I am sure this collaborative model will accelerate further to give benefits to all stakeholders

Mr. R Mukundan
Managing Director
Tata Chemicals

The Academy has established a unique model of International Partnership which combines both quality education and industry – academic interaction. This is a model which should be replicated by other institutions and with other international partners.

Dr. Renu Swarup
Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science &Technology
Government of India

The Academy is a role model on how to balance academic excellence and industrial relevance at the highest levels by using unique partnerships between two world class institutions from Australia and India.

Dr RA Mashelkar FRS
Chair of the Academy Research
Advisory Committee