Global Immersion Guarantee Program

The Global Immersion Guarantee Program (GIG) at Monash University is an innovative initiative that provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in funded fieldwork and educational sessions in one of the eight countries: Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, China, or Italy. 

The program at IIT Bombay aims to expose students to diverse local contexts and educate them on addressing human impact on the environment while balancing environmental protection, sustainability, economic development, and social progress.

The GIG has received numerous accolades, including recognition as best practice in international education by the Australian Financial Review and the International Education Association of Australia. The GIG India Program, launched in 2018 at the IITB-Monash Research Academy in Mumbai, has seen over 500 students travel to India to collaborate with local universities, NGOs, government officials, corporates, and youth groups working on various environmental issues.

During their time in Mumbai, students participate in seminars, workshops, and direct engagement with local responses to waste management, urbanization, climate change, water and food security, and more. 

The program aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to engage with India and the broader region upon graduation.


The IITB-Monash Research Academy, in collaboration with the Department of Economics at IIT Bombay, hosts the GIG India Program. This year marked the 7th cohort of GIG at IIT Bombay.

In the most recent edition (2023-24), Block 1 took place from November 18 to December 2, 2023, with 54 students and faculty/staff members participating. Block 3, with 70 students from Monash University, was vscheduled from January 6 to January 20, 2024. IIT Bombay has provided substantial support, including accommodation, seminar venues, medical facilities, and active involvement from the Department of Economics, contributing to the success of the program. The themes for the year include sustainable development, waste management, recycling, energy security, and climate change.

Additionally, they ran the Amazing Race around south Mumbai, had an introduction to Hindi class, participated in Bollywood dance lessons, and practiced making their own Mumbai-street food!