Academy’s Poster Competition 2023

In a celebration of academic excellence and collaborative spirit, the IITB-Monash Research Academy hosted its highly anticipated Poster Competition on August 17, 2023. The event showcased a diverse array of research endeavours, reflecting the institute's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and fostering international collaboration.

This event served as a platform for young researchers and scholars to present their innovative projects, fostering a dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas and insights. The Academy witnessed enthusiastic participation from our PhD students across various disciplines, underscoring the interdisciplinary nature of modern research.

One of the standout features of the competition was the emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. With research spanning across fields such as engineering, science, technology, and social sciences, participants were encouraged to explore intersections between various disciplines. This approach mirrors the ethos of the Academy, which places a premium on interdisciplinary research to address real-world challenges.

The competition not only celebrated the researchers' ability to generate ground-breaking ideas but also their skill in conveying those ideas effectively. The participants were tasked with distilling their research into visually compelling posters that were both informative and engaging. This exercise not only honed their ability to communicate complex concepts to a broader audience but also cultivated their presentation skills – a crucial aspect of a researcher's toolkit.

Judging the competition were esteemed experts from both IITB and Monash University, ensuring a rigorous evaluation process that upheld the standards of academic excellence. The evaluation criteria encompassed the originality of the research, clarity of presentation, and potential impact on society and industry. The judges were Prof. Nellie Georgiou-Karistianis (Pro-Vice Chancellor, Research Training, Monash University), Prof. Sonali Das (Faculty, IIT Bombay), Prof. Alankar (Faculty, IIT Bombay) and Dr. Raghavendran (Koita Centre for Digital Health).



This event also provided an opportunity for participants to collaborate beyond the confines of their immediate research groups. Meaningful discussions and exchanges of ideas occurred as attendees moved from one poster to another. The event created an atmosphere where researchers from different domains could interact, potentially sparking new research avenues and innovative collaborations.

The Academy's Poster Competition was more than just a display of research findings; it was a celebration of the spirit of inquiry, innovation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. The event highlighted the potential for ground-breaking discoveries when diverse minds come together to tackle the challenges of our time. As the Academy continues to nurture such initiatives, it solidifies its position as a frontrunner in fostering research excellence and driving meaningful change through the power of ideas.